What a Disaster!

by Colby

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Colby Jaworzno, Poland

Hi! My name is Pawel and I'm from Poland. I'm 21 years old and playing guitar since 15. My passion is composing music especially melodic death metal (influences of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork) and metalcore (influence of Killswitch Engage).

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Track Name: All I Need
This pain is suffocating me.
There are things that you can see,
but cannot kill.
Only waiting is a way to win.

I chose one of many paths,
which leads me on the peak of mountain where,
I shed my blood for innocent lives, but now...

I need a salvation!
This is my reincarnation.
My actions, my shame.

Bow down!
Give up!
No mercy, I'll throw you on the ground.
This time.
You'll die.
Nobody can stop me now.

I accept your selfish offer.
No refuses, no surrender.
I've been waiting for this all of my life.

Don't play with fire.
A death is you desire.
Don't play with fire.
The witnesses are blind.
Track Name: The Feeling of Nothingness
It rises, like the demons in my nightmares.
Slowly pushing me down, on the slushy ground.
No escape, this trap is stronger than my faith,
that someday I will break these chains.

I've lost my concentration.
It leads to deformation of my mind.
Weak thoughts, it's all I got.

I'm looking for the remedy to go.

My sense is forming things I can't explain.
The feeling of nothingness.
Focus flew from me so far away.
This is the feeling of nothingness.

Hopeless, dark days came for me so fast.
The raining outside my window reminds me that.

And I stand alone in this.
My eyes are blind, my heart is sick.
I'm lost.
It hurts.

Give me a remedy.
Please hurry up, I can hardly feel.

Oh give me a remedy!
Track Name: What a Disaster!
Sit down please,
because this could be awful.
The children are born in test tubes and this makes me suffer.
Forgotten mothers and souless humanity.
And you're calling this progression?
Are you kidding me?

What a distaster!
People are dying faster.
What a distaster!
Can we stop this race,
until we have remains of faith?

We are not fit to modern times.
And they suggested to commit suicide.
Maybe another time.
We are not fit to modern times.
And they suggested to commit suicide.
Maybe another time.

This world is crazy about silly things.
We are becoming sheep that need a dog to lead.
We're losing our freedom,
and it's all in the name of security.
Do you understand me?

I asked you the question:
can we stop this race
until we have remains of faith?

Take your time,
and think about it.
You have to know,
about the dangerous in the future, today!.
Do not leave it for later.
The time has come now.
The time has come now.
Track Name: Zombie Apocalypse
They see me.

Take the gun and justify.
Never give up and never go dumb.
Freeze your blood and hold your breath.
Just one moment you will not regret.


Trust yourself.
No one else.
Just your hands.
They are coming!

And I feel this obligation,
for resurrection,
it founds me alive.
And honestly,
It's tearing me inside,
and throws me on fire,
but i can't, but i can't go outside.

To fill this what is empty.
To stay alive,
and free myself.
To kill these f*cking creatures!

Scent of death and poisoning fear
Every place looks like a trap here
Find your shelter, be awake
Every moment can be your last
So dont be too fastinated



Track Name: Rotten
Time has come.
The end is near.
We'll desapear.

Diseases, against humanity.
They kill the people we known.
Innocent, we call ourselves.
Or maybe am I wrong?

Killed animals, felled trees.
Tons of garbage on the streets.
Poisoned waters, dirty air.
For rotten Earth, people deserve.

No medicine.
Our lives are passing fast.
So let the moment takes you away,
and warm up the blood in your veins.
From birth to death.
We are struggling for their stupid plan.
Don't change your mind and beliefs.
There's someone who, think like you.

From ahses, we slowly raised.
And became the monsters of this rotten times.
Forgotten, the symapthy.
Now I fell that I am right.

Is becoming.
Only thing.
That we have.

We can't fight.
We must die.

Just relax.
It's natural.
We must die.
Everybody must.


No medicine!
(no medicine)
Lost sympathy!
(lost sympathy)
Rotten Earth
(nobody can help)
We deserve!
Track Name: The Day of Our Rebirth
Lost in thousands of thoughts,
slowly becoming insane.
Need for a remedy like you,
Im sure it's not too late for this.

Rebuild the structures of our lives.
Grab some light then shine our paths.
And write on stones our names.
Because we are like they,

No one is able to stop this,
tomorrow will be again,
The day of our rebirth.
And we'll forget all of our mistakes,
all failures and claims.
The day of our rebirth.

Standing there, too late to pray
Only you can heal me
so I'm begging for your help.

Your hands around my neck
are waking my feelings

Don't turn back and break this cycle.
Don't let the world put you down.
Don't turn back and break this f*cking cycle.
Find the reason, which will make us free.